I am a Research Agent and Genealogist, hold a Diploma in Family Historical Studies (Dip. FHS) and have worked in this field for some time.

In addition to my membership of the Australasian Association of Genealogists and Record Agents I am also a member of the following organisations:

        Military Historical Society of Australia
        Society of Australian Genealogists
Heraldry and Genealogical Society of Canberra

The Military Historical Society of Australia has presented me with a Certificate of Appreciation for my talk on how to best research military ancestors and the Heraldry and Genealogical Society of Canberra awarded me a Commendation for Best Article for 2004 published in The Ancestral Searcher.  I have also published some books and written book reviews.

I am able to undertake genealogical research in all States of Australia and in addition am accredited to the Australian War Memorial, the National Library of Australia, the National Archives of Australia and the Noel Butlin Archives Centre at the Australian National University.

My fees cover research time, collating the information obtained and reporting to you.  Disbursements such as photocopying, certificates, phone calls other than local, etc. are charged at cost.  There is no charge for time spent in travel.

Please contact me on or 02-62786008.